Friday, June 5, 2009


So today, this came up: a mom was walking out to the parking lot with her daughter (who happens to be going into the 3rd grade) and the girl was very upset--when she came out of the school gate into the parking lot, she swung the gate open hard and accidently slammed it into a brand new black Yukon that was parked in the spot right there...damaging it...this mom happens to be a teacher at our school and she came back in furious! She had to find out whose car it was so that she could pay to have it fixed...then she asked, "and how do I even punish that?" I looked up and said, "really, go home and start getting some of her stuff together that can be sold--and sell it to pay for the damages...that is not rocket science"...she was shocked! But, I paid for that stuff not her! Yeah, but you are going to have to pay for the damages too and at least you won't have to pay for both and she will miss out on something in the long run!

Right? I mean, at the very least she would learn the value of a dollar from all of it...she is young, but not too young to learn that her actions have significant consequences...

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