Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sassy Bag

Elle has really been struggling with being sassy and disrespectful to Jason and I--and really all authority figures. I am sure that she thinks it is just little stuff, but it has really been progressing beyond what I can tolerate and I spent one whole evening trying to come up with something that would help this better than spanking or having to put her into timeout every few minutes... (because for a child that is not in trouble very often...this gets old really fast and frustrating to the parent REALLY fast) SO--this is what we came up with: I put a bar of soap in a little baggy, a thing of antibacterial gel, a box of wipes all in a big baggy...I labeled the baggy "Elle's Sassy Bag" and then wrote on the outside of the baggy Ephesians 4:29, and Mark 7:10...this way, when she is sassy, and is being dirty...she can clean her hands with the gel, wipe her face with the wipes, and clean out her mouth with soap--then read the scriptures and cleanse her soul...

She has been really great since we introduced The Sassy Bag...we have had it now for 5 days and we have done it once...I have given her one warning when I feel like she is getting sassy and she has always gotten it together...where before, I was having to warn her and then send her to timeout over and over again...SO...I am really excited about this and hopefully what it will do for our family and the stress level around here...


  1. I love this idea!! Does she really put the soap in her mouth? I love the old school discipline techniques... because they WORK!!

  2. Yes, she does put the soap in her mouth-and she Hates it! I totally works--I mean, I just mention the bag when her sassy-ness is getting a little out of control and she gets it right together!